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Technological advancements in cars require an ever increasing amount of semi-finished copper and copper alloy products in every vehicle. This amount has tripled over the last 50 years.
The automotive industry is among the most dynamic and innovative; every new model put on the market is equipped with increasingly sophisticated accessories which require advanced and precious materials and components.


Use of copper, brass and other copper-based alloys

Copper, brass and other copper-based alloys best meet the requirements of electrical conductivity, durability and strength needed in this sector and are therefore increasingly sought after: The amount of copper normally used in today's cars is approximately 23 kilograms (including 18 kilograms of electrical components), which corresponds to about 1-2% of the total vehicle weight. Not to mention "hybrid vehicles" which will use almost double the amount of copper (approx. 45 Kg) compared to that of traditional vehicles.


Cars require an ever increasing number of electronic components. Because of this, connectors play a key role; they are made of precision strips of special copper alloys and are used wherever there is a need for connecting electric wires. In a modern car there is approx. 3000 connectors used for power windows, temperature adjustment or the ignition of water or oil temperature. New electronic devises such as satelite navigation, on-board computers, bluetooth technology and intelligent airbags will increase the use and broaden the spectrum of copper alloy strip. Small precision components for high quality connectors are also made from brass rods where good workability, high precision and excellent surface is required. Brass wire is used for connector pins used in devices that control the seats, central locks, rain sensors and on-board computers. Tellurium copper is used as the preferred material for making microswitches in cars. When building a car today the use of robitic arms for welding is essential. For spot welding the electrodes are made from CuCrZr materials.




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