The mechanical industry, is a large user of different kinds of copper based alloys.


Brass bars can  be used for production of valves and taps andf due to its excellent workability brass bars the are also highly valued and requested for  the manufacturing af precission parts such as pins, ring nuts, nuts and bolts, which becomes essential components in mechanical gears. Copper bars   are used  especially for electrical components,  spark cutting , etc….  Copper bars with tellurium are very suitable for machining and are often used for gas welding and cutting tips. Bronze bars and bronze tubes are  used for different kind of gears, worm wheels, bushings, and other similar purposes..


Metalcenter Group offers a large pallette of products, in both brass bars, copper bars, Tellur copper and bronze bars, and tubes from our stocks, in order to support the mechanical industry.




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If you need help to find the right product for your project, we have a great team of specialists available in Denmark, Sweden and Finland ready to help you within 24 hours!


Part of a large Group

Metalcenter and Alumeco (Aluminium) are both part of the Alumeco Group giving you as a customer the benefit of acquiring products and solutions in terms of aluminium and copper from both companies.


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  • Take advantage of our expertise


    Ingots in 3 varieties offered: Aluminium, Zinc and Bronze ingots. Read more...

  • New product range on stock!

    Ultraflexx and Isoflexx

    Insulated ultra-flexible busbars. See our product range

  • Product sawing

    Service Center

    Sawing at dimensions and tolerances defined by you. Watch our short video

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Official prices Copper and Zinc.


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