Sheets - 0,5 mm x 600 x 2000 mm

0,5 mm x 600 x 2000 mm


0,5 mm


600 mm


2000 mm


Hard as drawn


5,10 kg/stk

We offer various types of brass sheets to our industrial customers. Sheets are generally available in dimension 1000x2000 mm. We also offer brass plates CW612N stress releived from 15 mm in dimension 1020x3020 mm. The most common alloys are, CW508L, CW503L and CW612N (plates).

On Request

CW612N, CuZn39Pb2

CuZn39Pb2 is the most used alloy for machining operations. It has excellent hot working and forging properties. Cold forming is possible only to a minor extend. Main Applications Architecture: Ornamental Trim Consumer: Jewelry, Emblems, Plaques, Medallions, Electrical: Components for the Electrical Industry, Connectors, Rotor Bars, AC Motors Fasteners Industrial: Metal Goods, Base for Vitreous Enamel, Base for Gold Plate Ordnance: Primers, Small Arm Ammunition: Primer Caps, Bullet Jackets, Fuse Caps, Firing Pin Support Shells, Bullet Other: Coins, Tokens, Medals,
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