Plates - 51 mm x 122 x 1000 mm

51 mm x 122 x 1000 mm


51 mm


122 mm


1000 mm


46,35 kg/stk
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DESCRIPTION AMPCO’s patented production process gives AMPCO® M4 mechanical properties beyond the range of commercial nickel-aluminium bronzes, It is comparable to beryllium copper only comes with a lower cost and without the beryllium copper industrial hygiene requirements. APPLICATION AMPCO® M4 was initially developed as an aircraft specification alloy for gears in retractable landing assemblies, engine spacer bearings and other similar applications. It is rapidly growing in use where higher mechanical properties at elevated temperatures together with corrosion-resistant properties are required. Typical applications include: Aircraft landing gear bearings and bushings, bending dies (shoes and mandrels) for the tube bending industry, gear wheels and wear/guide plates, etc… AMPCO® and AMPCOLOY® are registered trademarks of AMPCO METAL SA
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