Air Conditioning - 6,35 x 0,8 mm

Material id: 1125228

6,35 x 0,8 mm

Wall thickness

0,8 mm


20000,00 mm




9,52 mm

Wall thickness

0,8 mm


0,12 kg/m

The preferred product for piping, construction and connection of cooling units. This tube features a smooth, clean and dry inside surface. It surpasses the corresponding requirements of EN 12735-1 (seamless copper tubes for ACR technology; tubes for piping systems) as well as ASTM B 280. These two international specifications for seamless copper connection tubes for ACR technology require that the maximum allowable contamination on the inside surface of the tube (measured as carbon content) may not be higher than 38 mg/m2. To ensure inner cleanliness until the time the tubes are installed, each tube is firmly closed at both ends with end caps or plugs. To guarantee traceability as required in the EU Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC, the exact manufacturing date, the dimensions of the tube and other information are engraved on each tube. The tube can be supplied as coil or straight lengths

CW024A, Cu-DHP

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