Copper Specialist

As specialists in Copper Alloys, we have extensive knowledge and experience in special profiles and Busbars. For many years we have been handling big and small design and delivery assignments for a wide range of different business sectors and industries. Regardless of the task you present us with, we can contribute with professional discussions and assistance tailored to your particular project. We will help you in every step of the process from concept development to delivery while guaranteeing a thorough and transparent process that always gives priority to each individual need.

Solid Bus Bars

Copper bus bars are used in electrical installations for distributing power from a supply point to a number of output circuits.

Tubes & Pipes

We offer a wide selection of both standard and special products, which means that you can buy your aluminium from a single point of sale.

Flexible Bus Bars

Flexible connectors made from Strips/lamels. Flexible connectors made from wire.

Short circuit rings & rotor bars

At Metalcenter, we are highly experienced in supplying semi-finished and finished products for electro-mechanical applications

Cables & Wires

Metalcenter supplies a wide variety of customized cables & wires – mainly from copper.

Special components

Metalcenter combines years of technical knowhow with metal sourcing & manufacturing of special components.